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                                           Class Standards and Expectations

Mr. Müller’s 8th Grade Social Studies



Welcome to Mr. Müller’s 8th grade Social Studies class.  I’m looking forward to a fun, productive, and captivating year.  Yet, there are a few things that we need to know as we begin.



What will we be covering?


We will be following the California Social Studies Framework Standards for Grade 8 to guide what we will be learning about this year.  Here is a brief overview.


Social Studies

The Founding of Jamestown to the Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution and Government to Manifest Destiny.

The Civil War and Reconstruction.



What kind of work will I be doing and how will I be graded?


We will be doing various activities ranging from studies in the textbook, in class discussions, to group and individual activities. There will be a heavy emphasis on “thinking”, “examining”, and writing using textual evidence throughout the year as well.  Assignments will be graded on a point system.  Class work, and Homework will account for 40% of your overall grade, End of the Chapter Tests/Quizzes will account for 40%, while the Benchmarks/projects/assessments will count for 20% of your overall grade.  Finally, since in-class group work and discussions will be emphasized, consistent attendance is vital to success, and will go a long ways in your success in this class.  For class work, the grading scale is as follows:


100% to 90% of possible points                     =          A

89% to 80%                                                   =         B

79% to 70%                                                    =          C

69% to 60%                                                   =          D

59% and below                                                =           F



Late work will be accepted but will not receive full credit! If you are absent, you will have 2 days from the day you are out to get the missing work.!  Assignments for the week will be posted in the front of the classroom and it is your responsibility to get the missed assignments and turn them in for credit. 


What will I need to do to be Successful?


First, consistent attendance is a must.  When you are not in class, you miss valuable discussions and notes, as well as assignments, which are vital to a good grade.  If you must miss a day, make sure and check with me, a friend, and the assignment files in the front of the room so that you can find out about what we did that day.  Second, Do Your Work!!!!  If you do not do it, you receive no credit and a bad grade.  Always turn in your best work.  Keep good notes and keep them in a safe place where you can study them when needed.  Use only blue or black ink on white paper and put the proper heading on all assignments.


Participation is also very important in this class. I firmly believe that it is you, the student, who truly makes this class, whether it is boring and depressing or fun and exciting.  You will get from this class what you put into it!  You will be required to speak out loud in this class, work online in real world situations, and to share your opinions and thoughts.  More than anything else, participating and sharing your ideas in my class will not only make this class more fun and exciting but will also help you understand more, while  achieving a better grade.  If you do not understand something, please ask questions.  The only dumb question is the one you do not ask!  Finally, Listen when others are talking and be respectful.





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