Elizabeth Nicolas » Welcome to North Mountain Middle School!

Welcome to North Mountain Middle School!

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies!  Our focus this school year will be learning and developing our skills as critical thinkers, readers, writers, speakers and listeners.  The development and mastery of these essential literary skills not only is important to achieving success in the Language Arts classroom, it is also a critical component of achieving success in other school subjects, building strong relationships with others and attaining a flourishing career as an adult for the future.  In advance, we thank you for your dedication and support from home.   
NMMS Mission:  To inspire students to learn daily, live respectfully and lead responsibly. 
NMMS Vision:     At North Mountain Middle School, we strive to produce caring and productive citizens who value the pursuit of learning and service to others. 
Room 102 Motto:  In this room, we are a FAMILY  and strive to reach our own success! 
Please contact me anytime at [email protected].  or at (951) 487-7797 Ext. 6102
Mrs. Nicolas
6th Grade Language Arts Teacher/ Social Studies/ ELD