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Mr. Jauregui - Music Director
 Greetings Husky Musicians!!! We are looking forward enjoying another wonderful year of exciting musical learning and music performance. With the addition of a fourth band, it is so wonderful to announce that every student who wishes to learn and play on a band or string instrument, or sing in the choir, should be able to enroll. 
Music courses offered at North Mtn. Middle School
  • Cadet Band (Beginning) - Period 1 (7th & 8th grades)
  • Cadet Band (Beginning) - Period 6 (6th grade)
  • Symphonic Band (Intermediate) - Period 3
  • Concert Band (Advanced) - Period 5
After School Music Courses
  • Beginning Strings ( Tues & Thurs after school class 2:05-2:55) 
  • Advanced Strings (Mon & Wed after school class 2:05-2:55) 
  • Choir (Friday after school class 12:05-12:55) 
***Are you interested in enrolling in a band or string or choir class? See Mr. Jauregui in the Music Room 13 for Information. It is not too late to enroll!!!
Band/Choir/String Important Upcoming Dates 2020-21
*******Until  further notice - All NMMS Music Dates are Tentative**********
Month  Date  Year Day  Times Event Location
Mar 4 2021 Thurs. 5:30pm NMMS Spring Program NMMS MPR
Mar 12 2021 Fri.
Choir Field Trip SJHS Clinic & Mulligans Field Trip
Concert Band only - performs at Estudillo Elem. (9:00 – 9:30), Park Hill Elem. (10:15 – 10:45), Record Elem. (11:30 – 12:00), Chuck E Cheese (12:30-2:00) Field Trip
Apr 16 2021 Fri.
6:30am -9:30pm
Concert Band performs at Knott's Bery Farm Field Trip
All District Choir
May 6 2021 Thurs. 5:30pm All District Strings MVMS gym
May  12 2021 Wed. 5:30pm All District Band SJHS Gym
June 1 2021 Tues.
Concert Band performs - 8th Grade 2nd semester awards
 Music Student Performance Uniform
Music Uniform is to be provided by the music student. Please contact Mr. Jauregui by October 1st if you need assistance with providing your own uniform.
  • White Button Shirt with a collar - no tee shirts - no polo shirts
  • Black long Pants (New Black Jeans are OK)
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes (or darkest shoes that you own)
Green tie will be provided by the Music Program for check out.


North Mtn. Middle School Highlights from Spring Music Program 3-4-20

Featuring music performances by: the Husky String Orchestra, Husky Choir, Husky Beginning Bands, Husky Intermediate Bands, Husky Concert Band

North Mtn. Middle School Winter Music Program Highlights 12-4-19

Featuring the Husky String Orchestra, Husky Choir, Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band.

Why Join Strings ? by the Husky Strings

North Mtn. Middle School Strings Director of Music - Tony Jauregui San Jacinto Unified School District San Jacinto, CA

North Mtn. Middle School Concert Band - Fiesta Stage - Knott's Berry Farm - 4/12/19

North Mtn. Middle School Concert Band Director of Music - Tony Jauregui San Jacinto Unified School District San Jacinto, CA

Why Join Choir? by the Husky Choir

North Mountain Middle School Choir Highlights Tony Jauregui - Director of Music North Mtn. Middle School San Jacinto Unified School District San Jacinto, CA

Music Study & Student Brain Stimulation

How Music Listening, Study, and Musical Instrument Study enhances student brain function.