Distance Learning w/ your Counselors

Good Morning Huskies,

Your counselors and Educational Therapist, Mrs. Aguilar, Ms. Nance and Mrs. Bott are here to support you as we navigate through Distance Learning. We want to reach out and ensure that you continue to feel supported during this crucial time we are experiencing. We encourage you to visit our Google Classroom and access lessons and resources at any time of the day.

During this time it is important to remain calm, be kind, practice good self-care, and be smart in your choices.  

As we navigate through Distance Learning, both Mrs. Aguilar and Ms. Nance can be reached using our online request form link below on or via email.  We will also be posting important information and helpful resources in our google classrooms. 
If you or someone you know is self-harming or, having thoughts of suicide please speak with ANY adult or dial 911 Immediately instead of filling out a counselor request form!
Vist our Virtual Counseling Center, where almost anything embedded will take you to a linked resource video or website.  If you need more support after browsing these resources or need to make an appointment with your counselor, please reach out by completing an appointment request form.
A message from Mrs. Aguilar
A message from Ms. Nance